Welcome to my new blog!  Many years ago I sent out a newsletter to colleagues and clients who requested to read it and somehow as energy was used in other directions, the newsletter went to the wayside.  People have asked that I begin writing again because they found the content or the references to books or magazines useful.  So, I will give this a try, hope for consistency and provide reflections, content, information, some research occasionally, journal prompts, and ideas for sharing or going deeper in your own lives with what is written.

Most people know the populations I serve primarily are working through enormous  and complicated grief related to traumatic loss.  Complicated grief and traumatic loss comes in multiple ways, not just the result of death. Many people are depressed, anxious, coping with a medical diagnosis or perhaps trying to stay in recovery in spite of their other losses. Some are moving deeper into the despair of addiction, trying to find safety for their losses by numbing them. Others are taking the first step in recovery so they can navigate  a way out of what they have used to numb or delay the fullness of their grief. All are possible with profound loss.

I could write several pages pointing to the disenfranchised populations I work with and the  people who are seeking to heal their wounds. For example, many adults tell of their “coming out” process and still perhaps well into their 40’s or beyond carry the pain of having been shamed or shunned by family or friends. People of color experiencing the depths of racism, classism, being greeted with suspicion at every turn, and living with the introject “I’m too different to fit in”. The pain of exclusion cuts deep. The grief is real!

There are topics of all kinds that will be shared here. My whole practice is about how to integrate life, all of life! So many times, we as therapists, look at a persons “mental health”. I believe we need to look at all parts of a persons life. As a spiritual director, former body-worker and hospice employee, I know it is essential we become curious about every aspect of a clients life so integration can occur.

 In this blog I will not be afraid to tackle hard topics, yet I hope to do so with compassion and care. My hope is to remain curious about new things and not become stuck. I am so aware that each moment, each breath, gives me a new beginning and with it, the hope of growth, of widening the circle of my experience and opening my heart. As I do that, I hope to deepen my encounters with you and togetjer may we integrate all of life!

All peace and good,